Disclaimer: This Network Firewall Device Will Get You 80% Secure!

Simplify your Network Security. It’s important to layer the environments. The idea that one device fits all sounds easy, but could lead to more openings than originally thought.

Frank Trama - Simplify Network Security!

Today I woke and found this alert in my email:

ON WORLD Press Freedom Day, Saturday May 3, Panama’s TVN channel 2 received another “cyber-attack” on its website (tvn-2.com). The network said that the attacks have gone on continuously for five days leading up to Sunday’s election and a TVN broadcaster has been threatened via Twitter. read http://www.newsroompanama.com/panama/7645-press-freedom-day-marred-by-cyber-attack-on-tvn.html” 

Network Security Driving Me NutsMy opinion is this: There needs to be a point when “we” as security professionals take responsibility to clearly explain to customers the 10, 20, and 100K security systems they have purchased or being sold to them have a disclaimer.

Disclaimer: This security device will get you 80% secure at best, with hard work, and commitment; This device will need constant attention, managing, and there’s a good possibility if you  forget, or ignore something on it your network and all its data will be compromised! 

I’m sure it might say something in twenty paragraphs of…

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“No, Your Small Business Is Not Safe From Cyber Attacks”

Adding that new layer of Security is important. PacketViper offers the newest, most affordable option when looking to protect your networks.

Frank Trama - Simplify Network Security!

I could not agree more with this Huffington Post blogger.  Small business is the soft under belly of network security and everyone needs to wake up.  Think about it, small business have just as valuable data as the large organization, and their security is weaker.  So it makes them an obvious target to siphon data from.

Its a two front problem.  these smaller businesses contain valuable customer information the attackers salivate over, and should these less secure businesses have secure connections,  username and password to a larger organization, then its a twofer for the attacker. More disturbing is these side doors may not be discovered for 3-6, months,  an estimate many security firms are showing, so its a pretty serious problem.

It’s not necessarily their fault though. The cost for security can be very expensive, which forces them to purchase out of the box solutions that sometimes gives them a…

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96% of businesses are unprepared for a cyber attack

The other problem is 85% of attacks are random. It is not if? It is when! Our thought ts to create another choke point. With our PacketViper GeoIP Filter you have an easy method to block & filter unwanted traffic inbound & connections to outbound locations.

Our CoFounder, Frank Trama has been fighting unwanted traffic for 20 years, and along with Dan Gynn, created an easy point & click, easy method to extend that security perimeter outside of your firewalls. Try the 30 Day demo on http://www.vipernetworksystems.com

Would you like to improve your Network’s Security? It’s Easy!

When Frank Trama created PacketViper it was from a Network Engineers perspective….Why is (pick a country) trying to access my (pick a port) They have no need to be trying to access that port for any legitimate business reason. After many pages of ACL’s & custom rules on logs…PacketViper was created. It is a simple solution, to a complex problem. With a “point & click” you can control traffic to the needs of your specific business, both inbound & outbound. Geo-Ip filtering is not new, but PacketViper from Viper Network Systems has made it easy & affordable. We do not recommend replacing any existing security products, as PacketViper makes all other systems work better with reduced loads. This is a great new tool, and the best way to see it in action is on your systems. Viper Network Systems offer a great POC program to all who would like to improve their Networks security against Cyber attacks. http://www.packetviper.com

PacketViper: A Low Cost Weapon To Combat Cyber Attacks Instantaneously!

Would you add a new security layer that : Saves Bandwith, Saves Admin costs, Provides a Preemptive layer against Global Attacks, Makes Geo-Ip filtering easy, and is a low cost solution?
Of course you would. Network Security is about layers, and PacketViper from Viper Network Systems adds all the above items and more.

Financial Institutions, Law Firms, Manufacturers, & businesses of all shapes & sizes have seen how adding PacketViper to their network security reduced their threat against Cyber Attacks.

Frank Trama - Simplify Network Security!

Every Cyber Attack has one thing in common. They can be launched and distributed from around the world, giving the attacker limitless possibilities, mobility, stealth, and time.

PRLog (Press Release)Oct. 15, 2013PITTSBURGHNetwork attacks are an unfortunate reality for everyone, and regardless of the size of your business, eventually the odds are that you will become a target. The world is a big place and every  IP address in every country is another potential hacker that could cost you time and money.  At some point, when you weigh the heightened cyber-risks that certain countries pose versus the amount of business transacted, the prudent businessman asks himself “Do I really need all this network traffic?”

Ask the folks at Viper Network Systems, developers of PacketViper Geo-IP Network Filter and experts in geographical filtering and security, and you will surely learn that in fact you do NOT…

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PacketViper v2.0 released at the 2013 ASIS show

We had a great launch of Viper Network Systems PacketViper v2.0 at the recent 2013 ASIS show. Frank Trama, President of

Viper Network Systems commented…”It was great how the IT professionals at the show loved the new features, and were able to

see PacketViper’s Geo-Ip Filtering in action”

If you are looking to add a new layer to protect your networks, PacketViper’s Geo-Ip filtering is the first & last line of defense.

With it’s inbound & outbound filtering, it makes all your other network security products more efficient, along with providing significant bandwith savings.